Rosie’s Doll

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Story by the late Phoebe Julian Barkey, illustrated by Pat Marvenko Smith


This is a sweet story about a poor little girl named Rosie whose only wish was to have a doll for her birthday. It tells a story about how her wish was granted by her mama despite her family not having the money to buy a doll. The story which is based on a real life person takes a sad turn for the little doll that Rosie named Sunshine, but eventually it does have a very happy ending for Rosie. The story in this book helps children appreciate the blessings they have been given. It also shows that sometimes sad situations eventually work out and have very happy endings. “Rosie’s Doll” makes a wonderful gift anytime but especially so for birthdays.


21 pages with 11 full color illustrations, softcover with clear UV coating to repel little fingerprints, for ages, 2 to 12 years old, size 8”x9”.

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3 reviews for Rosie’s Doll

  1. Doris R.

    A touching story

    I read this book aloud to a group of children at the local library and they loved it. Very sweet and touching with a happy ending.

  2. Holly Fish

    bakery clerk


  3. Charlene R.

    So sweet!

    Rosie’s Doll is such a sweet little book. The story teaches children to be happy even with the smallest blessings. A great birthday gift idea!

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