Revelation Productions Copyright and Usage Information

All artwork on Revelation Productions image CD's, Digital Downloads and in all Revelation Productions products is protected under international copyright laws. Purchase of Revelation Productions products does not in any way include the right to reproduce the art as part of another product that will be sold, even if it is for non-profit sales. See “licensing” below for more information.


This art may be used for teaching purposes and anything within a church or ministry or any personal mission that will glorify the Lord. Revelation Productions CD's and Digital Downloads contain the artwork in two forms; one has no watermark and one does have a watermark across the art. The ones without the watermark may be used for teaching with PowerPoint or a similar program that can project the art, and it can be used in bulletins or handouts for a class or seminars as long as no fee is being charged for those handouts. The second ones included on the CD or Digital Download has a watermark across each picture and may be posted on a website. This is to help prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted artwork. Copyright credit line as shown on each image plus a clickable link to the Revelation Illustrated website must be clearly shown near each illustration posted online in small but readable type. Contact the artist by email for more information if needed.

LICENSING: Pat’s Revelation Productions art may be licensed for legal use within your CD, Digital Download, video, book or any other product that will duplicated and sold. Please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) page on the Revelation Illustrated website for general pricing, then contact Pat about your project by email.

NEW ARTWORK can be commissioned for your project. Please first refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the Revelation Illustrated website for general pricing, then contact Pat by email with a description of what you need created and she will get back to you with an estimate.

I hope that this art will be a blessing to you and all those with whom you wish to share them.