Licensing and Commissioning Artwork


Art that I have already created can be in most cases licensed for use as book covers, magazines, interior book illustration, in teaching DVDs or on CD or DVD covers, or on any product that will be sold for profit, or for non-profit fundraising where a fee is collected. If you wish to use any of the Revelation artwork or any of my other artwork as a cover for your book, CD cover, or any other product that will be sold, just contact me at or by sending your inquiry to the mailing address on our online contact form. The usual prices for reproduction use are, $250.00 each. Or if more than one illustration is used in the same project it would be $200.00 per illustration. For non-profit use (that is, if your ministry is registered as a non-profit organization) prices would be a bit lower, so contact me for pricing, if this is the case. These are usually flat, one time fees for the transfer of non-exclusive, one time rights and usually covers up to 5,000 copies of the item within which it is used. I send a usage contract or art release specific to your particular product. I will need to know the following:

                                1. The title or titles of all illustrations being requested
                                2. Your name or name of contact person
                                3. Ministry or company name (if applicable)
                                4. Address
                                5. Phone number
                                6. Email address (if available)
                                7. Title and subject of the book, CD or any other product that would have an identifying title.

Upon completion of payment, I will provide a 300 DPI image(s) and letter of permission needed for professional printing. If you are just publishing a book that will be printed from your home inkjet or laser printer, you can order a 100 DPI image CD that is adequate for this purpose. 


I do quite a bit of commission work for reproduction purposes in various publications. New illustrations range between $400.00 to $6,000.00 each. Children's books involving multiple illustrations are estimated on a per project basis. As a general rule, if what you want is very detailed with many figures or objects, it will cost more than if it is something simple because of the time involved. My hourly fee is $45.00. If you have a good idea of what you want, it will save me quite a bit of design and layout time. I must have the description and request to commission new art in writing, preferably by email to For an estimate, please email or mail a detailed description of what you want in the illustration, what you will be using it for, and whether or not the final publication will be sold, even if it is for non-profit purposes. I will get back to you with an estimate in a few days. I will also let you know if and when I will be available to do the work. If you decide to go for it, I'll let you know when it can be scheduled. I then will send a contract which you would sign and return with one third of the payment, and I would begin your illustration. Sketches are always sent to you for approval before the final art is started. The balance of payment would be due upon completion. NOTE: I do not design logos because I am an illustrator, not a graphic designer. But if you need an illustration for use within a logo, I can do that part for you, and your printer or a graphic designer can add the type later.

ORIGINAL PHYSICAL ARTWORK usually remains with the artist, unless otherwise discussed and involves additional fees. All artwork is professionally scanned or photographed and sent to the client or client’s publisher as a high resolution digital image file appropriate for reproduction use.

COPYRIGHT remains with the artist, with only the specific rights requested for individual projects assigned to the client within the initial work order contract. These rights may be exclusive within the particular type of publication, such as exclusive rights for a book cover illustration. This must be stated when the initial request is sent, and prices may reflect that exclusivity. In other words, if exclusive book cover rights are needed, no other author could ever be allowed to use the same art for a book cover.