Shirley, Godfrey and Mercy’s Coloring Book


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Illustrations by Pat Marvenko Smith


This coloring book is a companion to the children’s story book, Shirley, Godfrey and Mercy’s 21 Bedtime Stories, written by author Sharon Ponton. When you order and read the story book to your children, they will be able to recall the stories as they color each of the pages in this coloring book.


Come along with three little cherubs named Shirley, Godfrey and Mercy as they begin their journey traveling around the world fulfilling their assignment accompanied by their angel teacher they call, Mama Lynette. Their main assignment is to visit hospital nurseries to place a kiss on the forehead of each newborn baby to plant a seed of God’s love in each little one. The author’s vividly descriptive and inspirational stories take the cherubs through many interesting adventures sometimes detouring from their assignment but in each case providing a lesson for the cherubs and for the child being read the story. Some of the important subjects that come up during their journeys include reverence for God, life and death, God’s love and protection, prayer, and the importance of helping others. This book contains 21 stories of 21 days of angelic adventures. At the end of each bedtime story, the parent, grandparent or guardian reading is encouraged to kiss the forehead of the child or children as they tuck them into bed.


27 pages with 25 black and white illustrations, softcover with clear UV coating to repel little fingerprints, for ages, 2 to 12 years old, size 8”x10”.


CLICK HERE for information on the accompanying bedtime stories book.

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