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Revelation Illustrated the Video on DVD

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Now you can hear and see the Book of Revelation in under an hour! Experience the Book of Revelation as Jesus gave it to the Apostle John … VISUALLY!

In Revelation Illustrated you not only hear the dramatic narration of the scripture, but you also see the visions John describes. Hear the thunder and the singing of the angels! expert editing and computer generated special effects make this a breathtaking visual adventure. The mood of each moment is enhanced by a fully orchestrated sound track of classical music by Handel, Mozart, Holst, and others. It is performed by the musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh. Also included is a short interview with the artist on the creation of the art and the making of the video.


BOTH English and Spanish narration is on one DVD

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9 reviews for Revelation Illustrated the Video on DVD

  1. Josh Stucki

    Saw this for the first time in the late 90’s. I have been watching and showing others since this great movie of Revelation. To this day, I still think it’s the best, most clear, and legitimately moving.

  2. Kent S.

    Revelation a mystery till I got this

    I just ordered the Revelation Illustrated DVD and would like to thank Pat and the group that produced this masterful work. I have read Revelations many times, but this indeed was a part I was missing! I know God has blessed you Pat with a wonderful talent to share with others, and I am grateful for this type of medium to learn and understand. Revelations now is not such a mystery and I really could not grasp the words with understanding until I got this disk. Thanks once again for sharing your gift of art with the world. I pray it reaches many more people who need to realize the importance and promises of what Revelations says.

  3. Helen B .

    Makes Revelation so clear!

    Inspired! This video makes all the difficult descriptions in Revelation so clear! Perfect for my teaching. Best of all it does not push a particular millennial viewpoint.

  4. Joshua Stucki

    Has stuck with me

    I first saw this video in 8th grade, over 20 years ago. I have never forgotten it. I purchased it myself a couple of years ago and have re-watched it dozens of time. I am still inspired and excited to see the book of Revelation unfold as this video lays it out. Unforgettable and powerful.

  5. Wayne Scheller

    The time is at hand…

    This DVD is one of the most……incredible witnessing tools of our times! I love this DVD and the woman who drew this I have yet to hear of her testimony on how satan, the devil, tried to stop her from these drawings, moved into a DVD. The time is here. The time is at hand!

  6. Andrea J.


    Very helpful for personal study. Also good for witnessing to people about the return of Jesus. Closed Captioning is a great feature for the hearing impaired.

  7. Ann S.

    So glad I bought the DVD

    After purchasing the download of the 40 Revelation images, I saw the DVD was on sale. I arrived quickly and as I viewed the work I noticed things in the images that I had not noticed before. By enlarging the image, the details for chapter 13 are right there. Thank you so much for you representation of Revelation.

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  8. Carl D.

    Revelation Illustrated DVD

    Very helpful in understanding the visions given to John. Used as an overview at the end of my study.

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  9. James, WA

    Revelation Illustrated DVD

    Good video to use as a review after studies on Revelation. All our discussions were brought to life in the pictures.

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