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Lord of the Horses 16″x20″ Print


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Lord of the Horses


The inspiration behind this illustration of the heavenly white horses comes from Revelation Chapter 19, where it says that when Jesus returns to destroy all that is evil and set up His Millennial kingdom, He will come in the clouds riding victoriously on a white horse. The same scripture also goes on to say that all of His  believers will also come following behind Him riding on white horses. This scripture has to make us wonder; where are all these white horses now as they await that one day when Jesus rounds them all up to carry all the saints from all the ages? This illustration shows Jesus as he might possibly be preparing the heavenly horses for that big day. But, He seems to be saying to the anxious horses, “stay calm, wait, that day is coming very soon.” the horse in the middle of the illustration bears the collar that signifies that is the special one on whom Jesus will ride. He belongs to “The Lord of the Horses” who is the Lord of all, that is Jesus.


The unframed 16″x20″ full color poster size art print is printed on heavy weight paper. Included with each art print will be an artist bio and an explanation of the illustration, with the accompanying scripture. Suitable for framing, shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.

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16"x20" framed art print, with a neutral color mat and signed by the artist. Each framed print is protected by unbreakable museum quality clear Lucite. Ready to hang, complete with hardware. CLICK HERE for information.

This illustration is available in larger sized formats printed on canvas by special order only. EMAIL us for a price quote.


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