Did you see these illustrations in a vision?

The Lord did not actually give me a vision, with my physical eyes, but I saw with spiritual eyes the visions that were described in His word and I knew that He was leading me to illustrate Revelation. As a very visually perceptive and creative person, I could easily picture in my mind what I was reading. So when I searched the Christian bookstores for visual teaching materials for this, the most visual book of the Bible, I was just amazed that none existed! So out of sheer frustration and a desire to make this book come alive for my teenage students, I decided to do this artwork. It came to me over a period of weeks and months of intense prayer, pouring over the scriptures and research, as I was at the same time teaching it. I know that it was not something that my own vivid imagination came up with (as some non-Christians have asked), because if it were, the artwork would never have survived the microscopic scrutiny that it has undergone by thousands of experts on Bible prophecy. Time after time it has received accolades from the experts for its Biblical accuracy and attention to detail. This truly does amaze me, since I knew almost nothing about Revelation when I started illustrating the visions. That proves to me more than anything that it really was a gift from God, and He really was leading me. For more information and photos, click on this link: Revelation Productions – Meet the Artist.

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