Can I use your art on a website, for wallpaper backgrounds on my computer, or for a screensaver?

You can use only one illustration on a website for free, as long as you do not crop off or obscure the watermark on the image. You must also add the copyright credit line, and link to my site near the image used on your website. Here is the credit line to use: Art is by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992. To order art prints visit her “Revelation Illustrated” site,

If you cannot copy the image you want to use on a website, contact us at and let us know which one you need to use. If you wish to use more than one, you should purchase the 40 image CD which contains the whole series, with and without watermarks. However, you will still only be allowed to use the watermarked images on the internet from that CD. You will notice that even on our own galleries we use the watermarked images. This is to help curb the rampant pirating and illegal use and selling of copyrighted artwork.

For use as wallpaper on your own computer, just let us know which one you need if you are not able to copy and paste it. For use as a screensaver, please go here where you can get information on ordering the “Revelation Illustrated” screensaver program.

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