Can I commission Pat to do a custom illustration directly on my car, 18 wheeler, van, helicopter, motorcycle gas tank, buildings, banners, etc?

I have gotten all of the above requests from around the world. Sorry, the answer is no, I don’t do that type of work, but I do give permission for others to copy my work in those instances, as long as they contact me first. And by the way, yes my art has been used on all of the above! As a commercial illustrator specializing in artwork used primarily for print media, I work only on a small scale, in water based acrylic paint, usually with an airbrush, on illustration board. I give permission for my work to be adapted by other artists who do work in those particular mediums, as long as the proper credit line is used on the finished piece. Contact me by email at contact us in such matters, since the same credit may not fit in some circumstances, but I usually ask that it be similar to this: Art by (name of artist who is copying my work), adapted from art by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992.

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