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The Parable of the Ten Virgins 16″x20″ Framed Print


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The Parable of the Ten Virgins Large Print

Matthew 25:1-13


Jesus told several parables in response to questions from his disciples about the kingdom of heaven and the end of time. This is one of those parables that stressed the importance of being prepared for His second coming. Jesus uses a story of a wedding here to make His point. In those days weddings involved the groom traveling from his house to the house of his bride-to-be in the evening where the wedding would be held. The virgin bride’s maids had to bring lighted lamps to light the way and enter the wedding celebration. In this parable, Jesus says the groom was very late in arriving at night. The bride’s maids had fallen asleep waiting. The wise ones were prepared for the arrival of the groom no matter what time he arrived, so they had brought oil for their lamps. The unwise brought no oil. With no lit lamps they would not be allowed to enter. The oil here is believed to be symbolic of the indwelling Holy Spirit. The wedding house represents heaven and the groom represents Jesus himself. The story stresses the importance of being ready for the return of Jesus, which could happen at any time.


Framed prints are professionally framed and ready to hang. Each open edition art print is hand-signed by the artist, surrounded by a neutral color 2 inch wide mat and a gold metal 1 inch deep, channel type frame. The back is completely finished, with hanging hardware attached. (See photos) Each framed print is protected by unbreakable museum quality clear Lucite. Finished framed size is 22″x28″.


*Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery of your order. Our framer has informed us that they are slowly getting back to full production, but they will need this time period for assembly and shipping to fill our framed print orders.


All framed art prints are shipped by FedEx directly from our framer to residential addresses only within the United States – No international shipping

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11"x14" framed art print, with a neutral color mat and signed by the artist. Each framed print is protected by unbreakable museum quality clear Lucite. Ready to hang, complete with hardware. CLICK HERE for information.

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