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Revelation Illustrated 40 Image CD

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This CD will allow you to use all the artwork from the Revelation Illustrated print series, plus 5 additional artwork pieces that were done for the DVD. Can be imported into any desktop publishing program for handouts to supplement your teaching. If using a multi-media projector, you must insert the images into PowerPoint or a similar program. Images files contained on this CD are 100dpi unwatermarked JPEG images and 72dpi watermarked JPEG images that must be used if the art is posted on websites. All of the images are clear, bright and crisp allowing for all the scriptural details in the art to be seen. Average size per image is 1400×1095 pixels. Images will work on either Mac or PC computers.


Please note that these images are only to be used for teaching purposes. For information on licensing artwork for in a book or for any other items that would be offered for sale, see our Licensing Pre-existing Artwork page. For specific usage details please also check our Copyright and Usage Information page before purchase.


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3 reviews for Revelation Illustrated 40 Image CD

  1. Robert Odle

    I teach John’s Revelation regularly. Using the artwork of Ms. Smith brings the text to life. As I understand things, the text was originally read out loud to the church. The hearers were expected to visualize the images and receive the message of God’s victory over evil in a multi-sensory environment. The artwork of Ms. Smith helps the modern teacher/preacher reproduce that environment. I will never teach a class nor preach a sermon from Revelation without using this useful tool.

  2. Pastor Chuck

    Excellent and rare to find art

    It is so hard to find good accurate pictures to go with teaching Revelation. So glad I found these! Goes with any viewpoint too! Got the DVD to go with this and I’m all set! God is good!

  3. Derrik

    Enhanced images for PowerPoint

    The images now have a sharper resolution (100dpi). Just right for the clarity needed for HD projectors.

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