Why can’t I find your materials in my local Christian bookstore?

I have been producing this artwork and selling the prints and visual teaching materials by direct mail order since 1983. However, the hardest thing we have ever tried to do, and still have not succeeded in doing, is to get them into Christian bookstores. We do have them in a few bookstores in our local area and a handful of independent stores nationally. American Portrait Films distribute some of the videos nationally. The reason it’s been so difficult? Distributors and large chain stores make a decision on what to carry based on what they perceive will be a high volume selling product. Despite the popularity of our materials with hundreds of thousands of individual mail order customers over a span of almost 20 years, we have been turned down every time we sent submissions because they don’t feel there would be “mass appeal” for them. Since those doors never opened, I had decided that the Lord just wanted me to send them one order at a time, instead. So that is what we continue to do. Financially it actually works out better, for us and you the customer, since there is no middle men (distributors & bookstores) taking their cut. So our prices can be kept lower. The website has been online since 1998 and people have purchased my prints them from all over the world. So it has really gone far beyond the bookstores. I figure God just had a better plan!

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