Licensing the Artwork -Can I use any of Pat’s illustrations on my book cover, magazine, in my book, in a teaching DVD or on a CD cover?

If you wish to use any of the Revelation artwork as a cover for your book, CD cover, or any other product that will be sold, just contact me by using the contact form. The usual prices for reproduction use are, $250.00 each , or if more than one illustration is used in the same project it would be $200.00 per illustration. For non-profit use (that is, if your ministry is registered as a non-profit organization) prices would be lower, so contact me for pricing, if this is the case. These are usually flat, one time fees for the transfer of non-exclusive, one time rights. I will need to some idea of how many books or CDs or DVDs you will be producing. We would send a usage contract specific to your particular product. I would just need to know which illustrations you wish to use, your name and address, phone & email address and the title and subject of the book, or CD or DVD. I can send whatever type of image file you need for printing. Contact the artist at this email address: For more information click here Licensing artwork

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