Can I print the artwork from your online gallery for my teaching, or use it for my own personal study?

Sorry, no the gallery is just to be used as you would use a catalog. We have the all Revelation artwork already available in various forms of high quality visual aids specifically for your teaching and personal study needs, and at very reasonable prices. We try very hard to maintain the artistic integrity and quality of the art, because we feel the Lord deserves nothing less that the best, as I’m sure you’ll agree. The copyrighted online images are not suitable for printing, projection, or reproduction of any kind. The online gallery is posted only so that you can get an idea of the content of each illustration to determine if the materials would be suited to your teaching viewpoint. You can study it online whenever you wish. The viewpoint I used when illustrating the work is neutral, so most teachers and pastors of all Christian denominations have been able to use it regardless of their millennial or doctrinal views. For info on ordering, I hope you will visit the product page of my website where all details and prices are listed. Here is a direct link: Revelation Productions Online Store.

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